Flyers Training Center

The Flyers Training Center is a state-of-the-art practice facility for the Philadelphia. Opened in September 2012, the facility is located on a 60-acre campus in Voorhees, New Jersey, and features two NHL-sized ice rinks, a full-size basketball court, a fitness center, a dining hall, and a team store. The Flyers Training Center is also home to the Flyers’ corporate offices and the team’s youth hockey development program. The facility is open to the public for public skating, learn-to-skate programs, and other events.

The Flyers Training Fitness Center
The Flyers Training Center fitness center is a state-of-the-art facility that is used by the Flyers players and staff to stay in peak physical condition. The fitness center features a wide range of equipment, including treadmills, ellipticals, weight machines, and free weights. The fitness center also has a team of certified personal trainers who are available to help players and staff develop personalized fitness programs. The trainers also provide sports nutrition counseling and injury prevention advice.

The Flyers Training Center Dining Hall
The Flyers Training Center dining hall is a full-service restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner to Flyers players, staff, and guests. The dining hall features a variety of healthy and delicious options, including fresh salads, grilled chicken and fish, and pasta dishes. The dining hall also has a team of chefs who are available to prepare special meals for players and staff with dietary restrictions.

The Flyers Training Center Team Store
The Flyers Training Center team store is a one-stop shop for all things Flyers. The team store sells a wide range of Flyers merchandise, including jerseys, hats, t-shirts, and souvenirs. The team store also has a selection of autographed Flyers memorabilia. The team store is open to the public during Flyers Training Center hours.

The Flyers Training Center Youth Hockey Development Program
The Flyers Training Center youth hockey development program is a comprehensive program that is designed to help young hockey players develop their skills and prepare for the next level of competition. The program offers a variety of programs for players of all ages and skill levels.

The Flyers Training Center Community
The Flyers Training Center is more than just a practice facility for the Philadelphia Flyers. It is also a community hub that hosts a variety of events throughout the year. The Flyers Training Center hosts youth hockey tournaments, charity events, and corporate events. The Flyers Training Center is also a great place to watch a Flyers game. The Flyers Training Center has a large viewing area where fans can watch Flyers games on a big screen.

The Flyers Training Center is a state-of-the-art practice facility that is home to the Philadelphia Flyers. The facility is also open to the public or you organize a trade show or conference and other events.