S.E.I.Srl is a leading event organizer in Italy. The company was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Bologna, Italy. S.E.I.Srl specializes in organizing trade fairs, conferences, and other events for a variety of industries, including the diving industry.

S.E.I.Srl is the organizer of the European Dive Show (Eudi Show), which is the most important trade fair in Europe for the diving industry. The Eudi Show is held annually in Bologna, Italy, and attracts visitors from all over the world.

S.E.I.Srl was founded in 1985 by a group of passionate divers who wanted to promote the culture and practice of diving in Italy and abroad. The company started with organizing small local events, such as the first edition of the EUDI Show in Bologna in 1991, which attracted about 10,000 visitors. Since then, S.E.I.Srl has grown and expanded its activities, becoming a leader in the sector and a reference point for the diving community.

S.E.I.Srl organizes the EUDI Show every year in different Italian cities, such as Rome, Milan, Genoa and Florence. The EUDI Show is a four-day event that showcases the latest products, services and innovations related to diving and underwater activities. The exhibition hosts more than 300 exhibitors from all over the world, including manufacturers, distributors, associations, agencies, schools, magazines and media.

S.E.I.Srl also organizes other events related to diving and underwater activities, such as the EUDI Photo Contest, the EUDI Travel Festival, the EUDI Kids Area and the EUDI Awards. These events aim to stimulate creativity, curiosity, education and awareness among the participants and the public.

S.E.I.Srl’s mission is to promote diving and underwater activities as a way of life, a source of well-being, a tool for exploration and discovery, and a means of protection and conservation of the marine environment. S.E.I.Srl believes that diving is not only a sport or a hobby, but also a culture and a philosophy that can enrich people’s lives and contribute to a better world.

S.E.I.Srl is always looking for new challenges and opportunities to improve its events and services. The company constantly monitors the market trends and customer needs; invests in research and development; adopts innovative technologies and solutions; seeks new collaborations and partnerships; participates in national and international networks; supports social and environmental causes; and listens to feedbacks and suggestions from its stakeholders.

S.E.I.Srl is proud of its achievements and reputation as one of the best event organizers in the diving industry. The company’s events have received several awards and recognitions from various institutions and organizations.

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