The Institute Of Food Technologists

The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) is a global organization of over 12,000 food scientists and technologists from academia, industry, and government. also produced some events IFT is committed to advancing the science of food and its application. The organization provides resources and support to its members, including educational programs, networking opportunities, and publications.

IFT was founded in 1939 by a group of food scientists who wanted to create a professional organization to support their field. IFT has grown over the years to become the world’s leading food science and technology organization.

IFT’s mission is to “provide leadership and support to the global food science and technology community.” The organization’s vision is to “create a world where food science and technology are used to ensure the abundance of safe, nutritious, and affordable food for all.

IFT achieves its mission and vision and services, including:

Educational programs: IFT offers a variety of educational programs, including conferences, workshops, and online courses. These programs help food scientists and technologists stay up-to-date on the latest trends and innovations in their field.

Networking opportunities: IFT provides its members with a variety of networking opportunities, including conferences, social events, and online forums. These networking opportunities help food scientists and technologists connect with their peers and potential employers.

Publications: IFT publishes a variety of publications, including the Journal of Food Science, Food Technology magazine, and the IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo Proceedings. These publications help food scientists and technologists stay informed about the latest research and developments in their field.

In addition to its programs and services, IFT also advocates for food science and technology at the federal and state levels. IFT works to promote policies that support the food industry and ensure the safety and quality of the food supply.

IFT is a valuable resource for food scientists and technologists of all experience levels. The organization provides its members with the tools and succeed in their careers.

IFT is a leading advocate for food science and technology. The organization is working to ensure that food science and technology are used to create a world where everyone has access to safe, nutritious, and affordable food.

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