High Point Market Authority

High Point Market Authority (HPMA) is the official sponsor and organizer of the High Point Market, the largest home furnishings trade show in the world. The High Point Market is held twice a year, in spring and fall, in High Point, North Carolina, USA. High Point Market Authority attracts tens of thousands of visitors from more than 100 countries, who come to see the latest styles, trends, and products in the home furnishings industry. The High Point Market features an extensive selection of exhibitors spanning every category, style, and price point, covering 11.5 million square feet of showroom space.

HPMA was established in 2001 by the North Carolina General Assembly as a 501©(6) nonprofit corporation. Its mission is to coordinate and promote the High Point Market for the benefit of the home furnishings industry and the state of North Carolina. HPMA is funded by its exhibitors and by the state of North Carolina, Guilford County, and the city of High Point.

HPMA also works closely with various partners to ensure the success of the High Point Market. These partners include:

State of North Carolina: The state provides funding and support for HPMA and promotes the High Point Market as a major economic driver for North Carolina.

Guilford County: The county provides funding and support for HPMA and facilitates the coordination of public safety and emergency services for the High Point Market.

City of High Point: The city provides funding and support for HPMA and oversees the infrastructure and maintenance of the downtown area where most of the showrooms are located.

Travel Quest: Travel Quest is HPMA’s official travel partner that offers free concierge services for its guests. Travel Quest helps with travel planning, hotel reservations, airport transfers, car rentals, dining reservations, and more.

Visit High Point: Visit High Point is HPMA’s official destination marketing organization that promotes High Point as a tourism destination. Visit High Point helps with visitor information, attractions, tours, events, and more.

Business High Point Chamber of Commerce: Business High Point Chamber of Commerce is HPMA’s official business partner that represents the interests of the business community in High Point. Business High Point Chamber of Commerce helps with economic development, advocacy, education, networking, and more.

Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist: Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist is HPMA’s official health partner that provides medical services for its guests. Forest Baptist operates a medical clinic on site during market week and offers telehealth consultations.

HPMA is proud to be the leader of the global home furnishings industry. It strives to provide an unparalleled platform for its guests and exhibitors to engage, interact, connect, learn, discover, inspire, and grow. HPMA invites everyone to experience the magic of the High Point Market.

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